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Wild Woozey Team Bonding Competition for groups of 20 to 200

For groups over 20 we offer hugely successful corporate functions & group activities with our Wild Woozey which includes the archery & laser combo, plus a range of Team Tactic activities geared for your choice of either fun or team building. Team tactics are fast-paced, fun-filled challenges included in our Wild Woozey.  All themed to our fabulous surroundings, they're a barrel of laughs!

Team Building - well our style is more 'Team bonding' as we know you've already built your team, but chances are they're too busy working to get to know each other.  Let their competitive nature go wild as they compete for the winning team!  Each challenge tests the group’s ability to think outside the square to achieve a goal with limited resources and time.

Team Fun - these Team Tactics are more about having a good laugh - suited to friend get togethers, stag/hen groups, or just those who wanna have fun!

Select 30 minutes of Team Tactics made up of the following options:

Team TacticTimeTypeDescription
Keypad15 minutesTeam BondingTeam is challenged to solve the unusual puzzle in the quickest time but not all is what it seems
Catapult15 minutesTeam BondingBuild a catapult to launch and propel a delicate object as far as they can into the playing field
Barrel Rolling15 minutesTeam BondingNavigate a wine barrel around the unusual and challenging vineyard obstacle course
Planks n Ladders15 minutesTeam BondingParticipate in an unusual race amongst the vines using planks and ropes
Barrel Golf15 minutesTeam BondingGolf chipping with a vineyard twist – fast paced fun and no golfing experience necessary
Wine/Beer Challenge (R18)30 minutes *Surcharge applies *Wet Weather OptionTeam FunTaste blind wines & beers & work together to identify flavours, aromas & characteristics *Note-this challenge costs additional $8 and includes 4 tastes
Beer Goggles15 minutesTeam FunTeams compete the obstacle course, of course we won't make it easy!
Wai-Derby15 minutesTeam FunThink relay only on Giant Moonhoppers - whatever could be next?
Wai-bag15 minutes *Wet Weather OptionTeam FunTeabag throwing challenges with a twist!

Pricing & Information

We offer wholesale pricing for Wild Woozey packages. Check out our feedback from previous clients - we have to keep inventing new games as they return year after year!

Group SizeWholesale Price (inclusive of GST)Gametime No. of Teams
Groups of 20-44$701.5 hours4
Groups of 45-79$652 hours6
Groups of 80-119$602 hours8
Groups of 120-200$553 hours12

Further Information

Worried About Rain?

Well we can't control the weather gods, but don't worry, it doesn't happen often and we refund in full if the activity's rained out on you. If you've organised a whole group, most people come anyway as you've already organised the team, and you'll still have a great time here. Alternately if there's a cyclone brewing a few days out, we may suggest to move it to a kinder date. Plenty of options.... see our Booking T&C's for further information.

Are you old enough?

Minimum age is 10 years old right up to in those in their 80's. No physical fitness required, some people are the brawn, and others are the brain of the operation. Of course we need you to follow our tutored instructions, let your hair down and your competitive streak go wild.

How do we get there?

There's heaps of options on how to get here

Further Questions?

Check out our extensive Q&A's or simply call us for further information.