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So what's Wildtag?

Well it's kinda like paintball... combined with Dodgeball! Only we use Mongolian bows and special foam-tipped Wildtag® arrows. This game is thrilling, full of action and adventure, and great fun for those looking for an active day out.

You’ll master the art of hunting with a bow and arrow as you duck and hide not only to keep from getting tagged, but to tag your opponents - it's action packed, high paced, and a barrel of fun! Don't like the idea of running? No worries....just park yourself behind a bunker and you can be the sniper in the pack!  Just make sure you know who's around you – perfect for honing in on your personal awareness!


Corporate Team Bullding Auckland

We have several ways to play!

Simply book your own private session and play off against your friends (minimum of 10 people) - perfect for Corporate days out, family get togethers, stag & hen parties, and kids birthdays (10+). 



10-15 people                       1 hour               $55 each

16-21 people                      1 hour                $50 each

Bonus Addon - WATERBALLOON ROUND just $25!

Get 'Wet & Wild' on Waiheke with our optional Waterbomb round!  Prebook to finish off your game with our wicked waterbomb round to cool it all doooooown at the end of your event - thats 70 precious lil bombs filled with Waiheke's pure H20 specifically designed for you to throw at your mates! Just $25 for the whole group! 

Teams battle it out to eliminate your opposition - tag them with your arrow... catch their arrow.... or be the first to score all the point-ladled targets. It's an intense action packed alternative to paintball, all the while being safe enough for kids!

So what makes Wildtag so popular?

Fun Team Building Activities in Auckland

1. All takes place in our specially designed court

2. Teams waiting their turn get so see all the action, so there's a heck of a lot of ribbing going on

3.  You get to see who's winning as all the action unfolds

4.  Our Mongolian bows are easy to fire so it's easy for beginners to have fun too!

Seriously, it's one of those games that all the videos & information in the world just can't do justice - come on down and play for yourself and you'll see what all the hype's about!

Fantastic option for Stag & Hen parties, however a few more rules do apply....


Is it Safe?

Yes, it's safe when following our guided instruction, and using our special foam tipped arrows, bows specifically designed for this sport, and safety perimiters. Like any sport there's always a risk of injury (ie falling over), however these are minimised when following our strict safety instructions. We also supply all safety equipment including armguards, gloves and facemasks.

How Many to play?

Minimum of 10 people for a game to run, maximum 20

What age can play?

10 years and above - Children 10 to16 years require a guardian signed waiver.

Are the bows and arrows hard to use?

Not at all - they're actually pretty easy. Most people get the hang of it within a few minutes.

Does it Hurt?

Nope - we provide you with protective gear, and have trained instructors to give you tips and keep watch so everybody's safe.

Do you need to be fit?

With our inflatable obstacles to hide behind you have the choice between being the stealth shooter hiding behind a bunker, or for the more adventurous types having an action filled workout. Therefore no fitness level's required, your level of participation is completely up to you.

What Shall I wear?

As you know we're pretty casual here at Wild on Waiheke. Just make sure you dress for the weather and we'll provide all your safety gear. Closed shoes are preferred, as much as we love jandles in NZ these are not recommended for this fast paced game!

Rainy Days

We can go ahead in light showers, and if your activities are completely rained out (ie. full on rain) we'll refund in full or rebook you for another day. We can also arrange a wet weather covered alternative for large group prebookings - contact us for pricing and information.