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Our Karma Burger Charity Programme!

What's a Karma Burger?

Karma Burger for Prostate Month

Our burgers are legendary at Wild on Waiheke - you'd be amazed how many people come in for a weekly gourmet burger fix!  We decided to make some good out of it.....because it just feels good.

How it works

Each month we're supporting a different charity, sometimes two, with a mix of National causes that help Kiwis in dire need, plus a whole lot of local Waiheke charities where we can see we make a difference in our very own backyard.  We'd love you to join us!  You can upgrade your burger to a 'Karma Burger' for just $1 which goes toward the month's charity, and we'll match it!  That's a lottaburgers you know!

AND....once we hit $500 in the month, we'll look for other local charities to donate to, so if you have a worthy charity on Waiheke Island, simply apply and we'll add you to our list...

Why Karma?

Our owners have been quietly donating to charity for years, however they really wanted our staff to be involved, so that everyone who works here can feel good about giving, and be a real part of making that difference.  Our staff are proud of our Karma project, they're involved in our selection process, and assisting us by promoting our charity of the month to our customers.


Charity we're supporting



Prostate Month – we’re doing it for the boys! More than 600 kiwi men die each year of Prostate Cancer, that's way too many! We're going to wear blue, and check out our blue buns in support of this fantastic charity!

Alzheimers Month- Join us in September for World Alzheimer's Month, an international campaign to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds dementia. Friday 21st September is World Alzheimers Day - come wear purple with us in support of those struggling with Dementia!



Breast Cancer Month - support thousands of women each year who support breast cancer!

Key To Life - Help us support Mike King in his fight against suicide - 3 families lose a love one to suicide every 2 days in our country. Mike's journey includes visiting Waiheke Highschool to help and support our local teens, lets get behind him!



Jassy Dean Trust - caring for Waiheke kids, providing families on Waiheke access to financial assistance for child healthcare & on-going benefits for the child's medical wellbeing.



Waiheke Rotary - this amazing charity supports those in need in their local community - having just installed 20 Defibrillators around Waiheke Island, whatever will they do next with more support!




Westpac Rescue Helicopters - we can't say enough about how important this charity is when you're on an island, and these guys do an amazing job if you're ever in an emergency on Waiheke!



Pride Month - From 2–18 February, Auckland’s Rainbow communities will come together to celebrate our unique mix of cultures, sexualities and gender identities in Aotearoa New Zealand’s most super-diverse city! We're going to do our part in supporting pride month!



Waiheke Highschool - we support the hospitality programme's Burger Competition, and hire senior students each year, giving them a fantastic head start in the workforce, whether it's a full-time career or part-time job to help them through their study years.  Now we wish to help with equipment for the Hospitality Department at Waiheke Highschool!



Big Buddy Charity - helping fatherless boys develop courage and confidence, Big Buddy Chair and good mate Trav has done a terrific job fundraising for this programme, and we want to support it too!



Local Sports Clubs - all our friends have kids playing football, rugby, netball, dance......and we know sports gets expensive, so we'd like to donate to the local Waiheke sports clubs!



The Arts - help us support our local 'Arts' community via the Waiheke Community Art Gallery & Waiheke Artworks Theatre -  both of which would not exist without generous support and commitment of their sponsors, funders, patrons, members and volunteers.



Youthline - this amazing organisations offers 24/7 help for our youth in need!



Daffodil Day - 1 in 3 NZers are affected - lets support the Cancer Foundation!
Fancy some Lemon & dill cured salmon?
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Any ideas what our plastic-free straws are made of? #strawfree #waihekeislandbrewery #wildestatewines #wildonwaiheke #ecofriendly #ecotourism
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Making our morning since 1921! #bloodymary #waihekeiswarmer #wildonwaiheke #virginmary #wildestate
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Our buns are wearing blue for the boys.... #igetbluefor #karmaburger #prostatecancer #supportprostatecancer #wildonwaiheke #waihekeislandbrewery #wildestatewines
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Fathers Day Special- Steak, eggs n hand cut chips with a complimentary beer this Sunday 2nd September!
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Thanks so much to all the businesses competing in the Archery World Cup social day, you were amazing! Congratulations to Alibi who took the trophies closely followed by Sheffield Construction!
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It’s all on tomorrow for the Wild on Waiheke Archery World Cup! Who’s gonna win? Be sure to come down and see for yourself tomorrow! #archery #wildonwaiheke #waihekeislandbrewery #worldcup
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It’s all about ‘The Mule’s’ here at Wild on Waiheke. Come on in and try our signature drink, made with our very own homemade gingerbeer! #moscowmule #gingerbeer #gingerbeers #wildonwaihekebrewery
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What a stunning Sunday! Great day to try our beetroot cured salmon with horseradish & dill pretty!
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Missing the World Cup? If you’re a local Waiheke business, we have an archery tournament just for you! Pop in to register your team!
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