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Welcome from Keryn & Simon Matthews

Keryn Matthews, Wild on WaihekeIntroducing Keryn & Simon Matthews. Together we own and run (sometimes literally) Wild On Waiheke, Wild Estate Vineyard and Waiheke Island Brewery. It all comes together nicely in a relaxed style restauranSimon Matthews, Wild on Waiheket resembling a giant outdoor garden bar. It’s a place to chill amongst the vines. Here you can come and roam wild for the day. Relax and enjoy cracking food matched with our Wild Estate wines or even our handcrafted beers while contemplating a sedate game of petanque.

The wild at heart however can take up their bows and skewer bullseyes on the archery range or slaughter great flocks of virtual pigeons on a laser claybird shoot amongst our vines.

Our motto is we work real hard and at the end of the day we love to have a good time! Wild on Waiheke's all about combining work and fun, promoting a well-earned break from the daily grind. It’s relaxed and casual, caters to everyone from families to corporates to stags to friends. You can even come on your own, and dogs are more than welcome!

We love to use fresh, local products wherever possible, and support the local talent and businesses’ which make this Island such a wonderful place to live.

Meet Our crew

Head Chef Tim O'Brien

Tim O'Brien, Wild on WaihekeTim loves dinasours and quiet walks along the beach. We think he looks a little like Johnny Depp, however he'll deny it and is more commonly mistaken for being Spanish or Italian. So much so that he's doing multi-language classes (quite handy in a kitchen, believe me).  As you might've guessed, Tim also loves to cook! And beleive me a lot of cooking goes on in our busy little kitchen.

Tim REALLY likes chillies. So much so that we have to restrain him at times, but when he pulls it back just a little you'll see the most amazing balance of spice and flavour - his summer specialty ceviche is to die for! 

Bar Manager - Steve

Bar Manager Steve, Wild on WaihekeSteve's our trusty Bar manager.  He knows EVERYONE. He probably even knows your pets, your cousins and your step brothers kids. Especially if they come from America where he's either been or worked in every bar in the US, and if he doesn't know them he'll certainly know where they've come from.   

Steve's one of our longest standing members, and reckons he'll be here longer than we will! He loves making cocktails and makes the most amazing mojito's, and even introduced the Bloody Caesar to our list this year (gotta try it)!  He's one person who without a doubt truly loves his work!

Restaurant Manager - Josh Smyth

Josh Smythe, Wild on WaihekeJosh ran the floor last season, and loved it so much he came back for another summer after a winter in Queenstown (oh what a life!).

Josh likes moustaches but even moreso loves hottubs!  He's full of enthusiasm which is kinda annoying at the end of a 12 hour shift when we've run out of ours, but good on him I say! 

Functions Manager - Jemma Peterson

Not only is Jemma our daughter (good old family business huh) but she also helps run the office by booking events with mum, hosts wine & beer tours, manages our cellar, runs a mean section.

Jemma Peterson, Wild on Waiheke


She also takes care of the place when we're away.  Talk about a multi role. 

Obviously Jem loves to take on new challenges, so we like to throw them at her from time to time!

Meet the Crew

We were so excited to be voted Lonely Planet's 'Must do on Waiheke' we had to take out the people who mattered the most - our awesome staff!  So we celebrated next door at Stonyridge for the Melbourne Cup Races. Don't they look lovely - we actually had trouble recognising each other in our glad rags. They certainly scrubbed up well after ditchin the aprons and WOW shirts!

Wanna join our crew?

Don't be fooled - these guys may make it look easy, but it's hard work and suits reliable people who love to work within a team. Many people love it so much they come back year after year. If you're interested, simply send your CV to Simon at

Amazing staff at Wild on Waiheke, Auckland

The old crew...

Here's some of the crew from 2014 trying out our cool new tattoos of a giant squid drinking (aka sinking) a Baroona. 

We miss you guys - we just know you'll be back!  Oh wait....Josh already is!

Staff images, Wild on Waiheke, Auckland

Our Mascot

Marnite, Wild on Waiheke mascot

Meet Marmite, our mascot at Wild on Waiheke. Marmite loves marmite (go figure) as well as dog biscuits, visitors, and big bounding walks around the vineyard.  He's a bit of a flirt at times, and often found laying on extra 'cuteness' for the ladies.

Marmite's a Spoodle (cross between a Spaniel and a Poodle) and loves his country life on Waiheke Island.